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Social media with a purpose: Limeade Community

From the U.K. appointing a minister for loneliness to studies that show loneliness has a greater impact on longevity than smoking or obesity — the lack of social connections and the impact this has on our well-being is definitely a hot topic lately.

Last year, Limeade announced Limeade Community — a suite of social features designed to encourage, inspire and recognize employees. Whether employees want to congratulate a team on completing a big milestone or join coworkers for a walk at lunch, Limeade Community provides forums for employees to connect, communicate and collaborate.

A quick overview of what Limeade Community is:

Limeade Community is purpose-driven social networking software that taps into the inherent desire for people to belong to supportive groups within their companies. Specifically, the new social features include:

  • Community feed: Users interact with their work communities through photos, stories, comments and likes
  • Social recognition: Users celebrate wins and milestones, while promoting inclusion and belonging
  • Profile: Users personalize profiles to include relevant information about themselves and adjust their privacy settings
  • Following: Users can connect with others and subscribe to their friends’ and colleagues’ posts, in addition to the full-company community feed
  • In-product notifications: Users stay up-to-date with social activity alerts, including alerts for new followers, comments and likes on a post

My favorite posts from our internal community feed are the ones about team get togethers or events:

Limeade Communityuse 300x265 - Social media with a purpose: Limeade Community

LCuse3 300x265 - Social media with a purpose: Limeade Community

LCusenow 300x265 - Social media with a purpose: Limeade Community

Limeade Community has launched with over 40 customers and has resulted in over 6,500 posts across all community feeds so far.

At Limeade, we know that social connections play a very important role in whole-person well-being, and we look forward to working with our customers to update, improve and connect through further enhancements to Limeade Community.

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About the Author 

Jeanette DeHay is a Limeade Product Manager with experience in the Agile software development process. Jeanette takes pride in her ability to work cross-departmentally to understand and solve problems for both internal and external audiences and to deliver the best customer and user experience possible. Jeanette attended the University of Texas at Austin and is a recent transplant to Seattle.