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Success Stories: See How Limeade Has Changed The Way People Work

When your employees are engaged, you get better business results. At our core, Limeade is good for people and for companies. 

Company leaders want engaged employees, but very few know how to get there. According to Gallup, only 32 percent of employees are engaged in this country; a number that’s barely budged over the past fifteen years. And actively disengaged employees are costing the U.S. upward of $550 billion in lost productivity per year. 

The good news is, we’re starting to see great companies — including our own customers — embrace concepts like whole-person well-being and engagement. At Limeade, we believe true engagement comes when people feel good and have a sense of purpose. That’s why we focus on the whole person and the whole company, with tools and programs to support both.

Limeade builds great places to work. Just ask our customers.

Watch the video below to see how limeade has changed the way We work:

What our customers say:

“As employees participate more, we see a decrease in turnover, planned absence, time away from work and lower spend in disability.” – Dr. Peter Wald, Enterprise Medical Director at USAA

The benefit to the company is that when people have strong well-being, they’re better team members. They treat guests better, which results in better business outcomes.” – Jason Landry, Sr. Director – Shared Services & Total Rewards at Brinker International

Together, let’s change the way we work.

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