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Your team needs to support well-being improvement

An employee’s teammates are valuable resources (and cheerleaders) for well-being support.

Peers, not money, are the top reason employees go the extra mile. When an organization focuses on peer-to-peer recognition and collaboration, it builds a foundation for high employee engagement.

8 ways a team can support well-being improvement:

1. Encourage employees to connect on a personal level. Collaborate with your team about your goals and challenges. It’s important to check in and cheer each other on. Building allies at work helps employees accomplish both individual and organizational goals.

2. Spark friendly competition and build a community through team-based challenges. Keep each other accountable for reaching your goals. Celebrate wins and accept losses as a team.

3. Foster an environment where it’s okay (and encouraged) to take time to participate in well-being improvement. Whether it’s a midday workout or afternoon webinar, there shouldn’t be any guilt involved or fear of punishment.

4. Share supportive comments and motivational success stories across the organization. You never know who you’ll inspire.

5. Improve as a team. Set goals together and celebrate accomplishments as a team. Try starting a book club focused on career development. Or sign up for a 10K and build a training plan together.

6. Weave well-being into work — take walking meetings, read on your lunch break or do jumping jacks to end the day. According to a new study, people who perform any kind of movement throughout the day ― even if it’s just taking a lap around the office ― are physically healthier and more content.

7. Get out of your comfort zone. Try something new as a team and support each other's growth and learning. Whether it’s trying a new fitness class or attending a public speaking workshop, it’s easier and less intimidating with each other’s support.

8. Open up a dialogue around improvement. Solicit advice for how the team can function better in regard to their work and well-being. Everyone should have a say.

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