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The Limeade Intern Program: Driving Real Impact  

At Limeade, we’re focused on making sure interns own their work while creating a community with other interns and full-time employees. Aside from being treated as a full-time employee, interns at Limeade get exposure to leadership, get to work on live projects and are provided with a manager and mentor, to ensure that they are given both daily support and over-arching career development opportunities. 

The Limeade Intern Program is an opportunity for LimeMates to learn from each other and stay connected for full-time opportunities in the future. In fact, many of our interns have stayed on after graduation! 

Check out the highlights from our intern program:

About the Limeade Intern Program

The intern program at Limeade is a 12-week immersive experience where interns are fully integrated into each department and empowered to make a difference in our product and company. We focus on making sure interns own their work while creating a community with other interns and full-time employees. Aside from working on real-time projects, the Limeade internship program includes fun events, learning and growth opportunities, and exposure to leadership across the company. 

What to expect as a Limeade Intern

At Limeade, we approach our internship program as a mutual opportunity to learn from each other. As an intern, you will be treated and valued like a full-time employee, but we will ensure that you will be given the support and mentorship needed to succeed.  

You can expect to learn about our values, culture and how we bring our POVs to life internally and externally. And you’ll also work on real projects that are critical to the success of the company. Through this experience, you will get a deep dive of all of our departments, teams and how we collaborate to bring a competitive product to the market.  

Events, leader sessions, job shadowing and more…

We love to explore, learn and connect with our interns! Some intern program highlights include:

  • Events – hikes, beach days, happy hours, ping pong tournaments  
  • Leader sessions – exposure to leaders in your own department and across the company 
  • Shadowing opportunities – we encourage all of our interns to look at other departments during their time and explore the responsibilities associated with each team 
  • Career development
  • Full access to our internal program/product – targeted activities specifically for intern development and networking

With 13 interns joining us this past summer in departments across the company (Product, Security, Content, Marketing and more) here’s just a few of the schools our interns attended:

  • University of Washington
  • Claremont McKenna College
  • Tufts University
  • Washington State University
  • Seattle Pacific University
  • Western Washington University

Many interns have also stayed on for part-time internships during the school year!  

Want to join a mission-driven, positive culture of improvement made up of the best and brightest people in the business? We are looking to expand our reach throughout the U.S. for the Summer of 2020! Check out our careers page to stay up to date on openings and application information, or reach out to [email protected] with any questions.