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This Week in Work: Burnout Spikes, Election Etiquette and the Future of Remote Work

Welcome to our weekly roundup of important workplace news, top media trends, current events and the latest from Limeade. At Limeade, we’re busy staying up to date with current events that impact employees and the workplace. This Week in Work highlights the latest industry news so you can be in the know, while at work.

This Week in Work:

1. Employee Care Is Missing the Mark

Forbes breaks down a Limeade study that found a spike in burnout since the pandemic, a lack of manager support for employee well-being, and a gender well-being gap.

2. Is WFH Here to Stay?

The latest edition of the Harvard Business Review explores the past, present and future of remote work, and whether staying home long-term is right for your organization. 

3. The Separation Between Work and State

Is it OK to talk about the election at work? CNN explores the pros, cons and legal implications.

4. The Tech Sector Is on Fire

Burnout abounds at big tech companies and employees are begging for help with their mental health. Reetu Sandhu of the Limeade Institute shares what we can do to stay sane.

5. A COVID-19 Benefits Crisis 

Millions of workers have gone on leave this year because of COVID-19. But benefits experts say it’s too hard to find out what employees and businesses are entitled to. 

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