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This Week in Work: Mental Health, Benefits Companies Offering Free Resources and Employee Turnover

Welcome to our weekly roundup of important workplace news, top media trends, current events and the latest from Limeade. At Limeade, we’re busy staying up to date with current events that impact employees and the workplace. This Week in Work highlights the latest industry news so you can be in the know, while at work.

This Week in Work:

1. USAA partners with Sodexo to help employees

USAA offers its employees curbside meal service during COVID-19.

2. On accessibility

A contributor in Quartz shares her thoughts on how coronavirus has proven the capabilities of employers to provide accommodations.

3. Mental health benefits

Mental health benefits are becoming America’s most competitive office perk in the age of coronavirus. Henry Albrecht, CEO at Limeade expects to see “triple digit growth” in the number of companies interested in emotional-well-being offerings.

4. Economic consequences of the virus for women

In case you missed it in all the mayhem, Wednesday was Equal Pay Day. The New York Times shares some info and thoughts on how this recent downturn will likely lead to more job losses for women, according to new research.

5. Causes of Recent Employee Turnover

Dr. Laura Hamill, Limeade Chief People Officer and Chief Science Officer of the Limeade Institute, discusses the realities of care in the workplace when it comes to employee turnover.

6. Effective online meetings

Mady Peterson, a marketing manager at Limeade, shares tips on flexibility, scheduling and intentional interactions while working from home.

7. Free resources

HR Executive shares the benefits companies offering free resources during coronavirus.

8. Prevent Your Top Talent From Burning Out

Burnout is preventable if companies take the time to understand its causes and mitigation strategies. Here are four ways to help prevent burnout today.

9. How to stay connected

Experts share what employers are doing to find ways to stay connected during this time.

10. Virtual happy hours

Here’s how company leaders use virtual happy hours to help keep employees together during the pandemic.

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