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This Week in Work: Netflix’s Stance on Working From Home, Election Day and Work From Home Challenges

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This Week in Work:

1. Netflix stance on working from home

Netflix co-CEO stated on Monday in a Wall Street Journal article that he believes working from home life to be “a pure negative.”

2. Old Navy helping staff election day

Old Navy announced that they will pay employees to work at the polls on Election Day. The payment will be on top of whatever a participating employee would earn from their local jurisdiction for the day.

3. Not ready to return to the office?

How employees can approach their bosses if they aren’t ready to return to the office.

4. Work From Home Fatigue

A recent survey found that the number of Americans indicating they would like to continue working remotely at least occasionally declined to 67% in August (from more than 80% in July.)

5. Working From Home Diversity Challenge

An article in the New York Times shares how working from home creates challenges for employees of color including less networking and visibility opportunities.

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