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Tim Gunn, Shabnam Mogharabi and John O’Leary to keynote Limeade Engage 2019

You’re in HR to make life better for people. The reality is, work isn’t always what it can be — employees aren’t always thriving. Managers aren’t always great listeners. Company culture might not be a priority. And when efficiency, productivity and cost savings overshadow the human experience, the results can feel less than amazing.   

That’s not what you signed up for — for you or for your employees.   

You care about your people. But how do you build an experience that highlights that you care, that fosters mutual commitment? How do you balance that with the expectations of today’s boardrooms?   

Come to Limeade Engage 2019 to learn about what can be in a world where work is better.  

Because what we  can  be, as HR experts, industry thought leaders, employees and managers, is so much more.


What to expect

At Limeade Engage, we’ll give you the tools you need to create a great employee experience that increases engagement, fosters innovation and drives business results. You’ll hear from inspiring leaders and industry experts, have time to network with your peers, trade best practices and get to know Limeade even better.   

We’re excited to share that Tim Gunn, fashion expert and television personality, Shabnam Mogharabi, CEO of SoulPancake, and John O’Leary, bestselling author, will be taking the main stage as our keynote speakers at Limeade Engage 2019.

Why attend?

Limeade Engage will give you the inspiration, case studies, best practices, tools and creative ideas to realize what can be when employee experience and engagement are at the center of your company’s business strategy.

Bring a team member and join the community to:  

  • ADVANCE your learning to help build a better employee experience, improve well-being, foster inclusion and support employee engagement in your organization.
  • CONNECT with HR leaders to hear how they tackle similar challenges and act as changemakers to propel their organizations forward.
  • DISCOVER meaningful actions focused on creating an authentic employee experience aligned to your company values. 
  • GROW your passion for building a workplace that cares about employees with the help of the Limeade team dedicated to improving well-being in the world.

Together, let’s talk about what can be in a world where work is better.



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