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What it takes to have a top company culture

At Limeade, we’re very intentional of our company culture. And we’re proud to share that last month Entrepreneur and CultureIQ named us one of the 75 Top Company Cultures.

Like Limeade, Entrepreneur and CultureIQ acknowledge that culture is so much more than happy hours or out of the box perks. Their list showcases top high-performing and productive cultures – ones that encourage employees’ growth and development and see results.

3 ways to foster a top company culture

  1. Four behaviors have a big impact. The biggest behavior differences between winners and applicants include leadership, resources, responsiveness and communication.
  2. Communication is king. Communication was the key differentiator between winning company cultures and other applicants. Listen and respond to your employees.
  3. Employee loyalty matters. While winning companies have an average Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of 86, applicant companies average a score of 57. The top three drivers of this employee loyalty include support from the company, work environment and mission & value alignment.


Check out this infographic from Entrepreneur and CultureIQ to learn more on how to be a top company culture.
Culture infographic - What it takes to have a top company culture