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Watch what happens when Limeade and SAP SuccessFactors join forces

At Limeade, we want people to feel connected and supported — and we want to drive real employee engagement. And we know partnering with SAP SuccessFactors will help us achieve this mission.

We believe that if you take a whole person, whole company and whole ecosystem approach, you can create an immersive experience for employees. As a result, your employees will be more engaged and ultimately, you’ll drive better business results.

Imagine signing up a new employee on SAP SuccessFactors and knowing they’re automatically enrolled in your Limeade well-being program.

Imagine if a promotion automatically triggered a new manager training program in Limeade.

Watch the video below to see how seamlessly the SAP and Limeade platforms work together to guide people to the right well-being and engagement activities, at just the right time. This connection saves HR time and helps employees join key programs quickly and easily.

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Learn more about the SAP SuccessFactors POV on well-being here and learn more about our partner network here.