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Watch Webinar on Demand: Caregiver Burnout During the COVID-era

The significant levels of emotional and physical stress caregivers are under can lead to increased mental health issues, higher risk of developing chronic conditions, and poorer care overall for their patients and/or loved ones. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be addressed at the very beginning. Let’s put our caregivers’ health and well-being at the top of our priority lists by utilizing digital tools to ease their stress and streamline their care management plans.  

Watch Henry Albrecht, CEO, Limeade; Jennifer Joe, MD, CEO, Vanguard.Health; and Chris Dennis, MD, MBA, FAPA, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Landmark Health bring their unique and vast experience in burnout to the table in this captivating and important conversation led by Dr. Nicole F. Fisher, Global Health, Technology and Policy Contributor, Forbes. 

This panel was jam-packed with so many helpful resources that Limeade put together a reading (and watching!) list on key materials around burnout, mental well-being and mindfulness. You can access Henry’s Burnout Reading List, here.  

This panel discussion covers: 

  • The health and financial impact that burnout places on caregivers 
  • Digital solutions in aiding care management plans and easing caregiver stress 
  • Mental health ramifications of caregiver burnout during COVID-19 

To learn about the following 10 burnout risks and more, view the recording below.  

  1. Overload 
  2. Job Pressure 
  3. Role ambiguity 
  4. Role conflict 
  5. Lack of manager support 
  6. Lack of feedback 
  7. No participation in decision making 
  8. Lack of fairness and equity 
  9. Values disconnect 
  10. Broken psychological contract