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Watch Webinar On-Demand: Creating a Caring Culture to Attract And Retain Talent

Taking care of your employees is mission-critical to the success of an organization. And now, more than ever, organizations are starting to think about how to retain talent and show employees that their company cares.

In our free webinar, Dr. Laura Hamill, Chief Science Officer and Chief People Officer at Limeade and Dr. Julianne Tillmann, Director of Research at Limeade, discuss the hard facts behind care and why it can become a company’s competitive advantage in the war for talent.

“Solving for the workforce of yesterday is not going to work for tomorrow.”

– Dr. Laura Hamill, Chief Science Officer and Chief People Officer at Limeade


  • What care is and why it matters
  • How organizations can actively show they care
  • The science that supports focusing on care

Why it’s important to take care of your employees

Here are some favorite takeaways from this employee retention webinar:

  • Our collective understanding of work and what matters at work has evolved. We know now that well-being, inclusion and employee experience are statistically related to business results.
  • Employees are 38% more engaged with their work when they felt their employer cared.
  • Employees in high-trust cultures are 44% more likely to work with a company that has above average revenue growth.
  • We should all be challenging our assumptions about work because more often than not, they’re rooted in old-school ways of thinking.