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Watch Webinar On-Demand: Effective Communications & the Employee Experience

Today’s workforce is overloaded with information and the majority of employees work in places where access to that information can be challenging. Over 80% of the workforce are in ‘non digital’ jobs — they’re on manufacturing floors, in hospitals and retail stores.

Even traditional ‘digital’ employees are spending less time at their desks. Now more than ever companies are challenged to connect with each and every employee and give them an experience that lets them know that their company cares.

“We’re really seeing an exponential rate of improvement in employee engagement in the same content that we’re publishing on a mobile platform versus a traditional website platform.”

– Reed Horanburg, Senior Manager, Global Employee Engagement at TE Connectivity

Watch our webinar with Ragan Communications & TE Connectivity as they discuss their approach to connecting their large workforce, spread out over 100 manufacturing and engineering centers.


  • How effective communications can positively impact the employee experience
  • Best practices for reaching your deskless and disconnected workforce
  • Scaling company communications for a global audience


  • TE Connectivity can now gather far more content analytics than any other existing communication platform
  • Better monitoring and benchmarking of successful and engaging content is critical to employee communications success
  • Effective communications have been key in improving employee engagement rates