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Watch Webinar On-Demand: Elevating Employee Experience with Communications

The modern workforce is changing. Today’s employees are overloaded with information and notifications, remote and contingent workers are becoming increasingly common, and Google estimates that 80% of the workforce are in ‘non-digital’ jobs — they’re on manufacturing floors, in hospitals and retail stores. The challenge is that companies are struggling to connect and communicate with their employees to give them a great employee experience.    

“How are we going to reach all of our employees to make sure that they have the best employee experience possible?”

Stefanie Lightman, Head of Brand Management, Limeade

The key to reaching employees? Using communications to make sure they have a great employee experience and drive organizational effectiveness, performance and innovation. Watch our on-demand webinar where Stefanie Lightman, Head of Brand Management and Ryan Shirah, Solutions Architect at Limeade discuss how to address the communications challenges of today’s workforce.  


  • Common communications challenges many organizations face
  • The role of technology in reaching and engaging distributed workforces
  • The impact of effective communications on the employee experience


  • Communications oftentimes become overwhelming to employees but there are three main areas you must be able to reach people at all levels: physical, emotional and efficient
  • Organizations must physically be able to reach employees where they are so they can have what they need, when they need it
  • You must be able to put yourself in an employee’s shoes to understand what they need to get their job done efficiently
  • Respect your employees’ time — they’re already busy with various items on their plates
  • It’s important to partner together with other leaders in your organization to invest in a solution to give employees everything they need in a single place


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