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Watch Webinar On-Demand: Employee Experience with TLNT

At Limeade, we care a lot about the employee experience. And it’s one of the most popular topics in the workforce today. Unfortunately, we see that the employee experience in many companies is broken. Employees are stressed, they are often disconnected from their organization, surrounded by bad managers and frustrating work experiences and the ecosystem of work is breaking more than it’s helping.

According to a new research report from, most companies still fall short when it comes to employee experience. In fact, 50% of companies have not done anything to improve the employee experience in the past year. Yet, 64% of HR leaders are feeling pressure from CEOs to improve the experience. There’s many misperceptions on what employee experience is and how organizations need to start thinking about it.

Watch our on-demand webinar where, Madeline Laurano, founder and principal analyst at Aptitude Research, and Julianne Tillmann, Director of Research at Limeade, discuss what the employee experience is, how companies are shifting the way they think about employees — putting the employee first and caring for individuals as a priority, and what organizations are doing to be able to impact the employee experience.


  • The current state of the employee experience
  • Defining employee experience
  • Strategies for success


  • Think about what employee experience means for your organization
  • Look for a partner who wants to help build out initiatives around employee experience
  • Be open to hearing both negative and positive feedback
  • Embrace data to drive decisions
  • Make your commitment to employee experience something that you’re enjoying