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Watch Webinar on Demand: The Evolution of EX

Business after 2020 is going to look very different. In a very short time, leaders have had to completely reevaluate everything — technology, work approaches, office locations, leadership styles, diversity initiatives and employee safety, while balancing massive global and social changes to their customers and market.   

Strategic leaders in large and small companies are looking not just how to react but also how they can collect, measure, and improve their actions proactively and respond to employees’ needs using data analytics and feedback. How can they enable their workforce to do their job and feel connected, on the front lines or in a home office? 

Sarah Brennan, Founder and CEO of Accelir Insights leads us through this webinar informed by her recently published report, The Time is Now for Employee Experience.  

“Work needs to become about the whole person and employee experience must be about the whole company.” 

– Sarah Brennan. Founder, Accelir Insights 


  • What is Ex? 
  • Why do we care about EX? 
  • What type of tech exists? 


  • Layering is Good: There is no one size fits all solution.  
  • Ignore Buzz Words: Approach buying with a goal in mind, not a word. 
  • Identify Strengths: Identify what is most important to your specific situation. 
  • Remember: Your company is unique! Your employee needs are different. 


View the presentation deck, here.