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Watch Webinar On Demand: Four Ways Well-Being Drives Employee Performance: Part 2 – Feeling Connected

We’ve long known the importance of feeling belonging with other people. In fact, it may be one of our most powerful drives we have as human beings. Recent requirements to socially isolate ourselves has highlighted how critical feeling connected is to our mental well-being. Work is one of the most important places we find connection, but it’s not always easy.

In this conversation, we explore how to more effectively support employees in cultivating connection at work and beyond.   

“Well-being is a performance capacity issue. It’s really about how much of myself is showing up to work every day?”  

– Jason Lauritsen 

Part 2 of this webinar series covers: 

  • Feeling disconnected and lonely at work is not a new problem 
  • Why fostering connection and belonging is vital to well-being 
  • How you can help employees become more connected through work 


View the presentation deck, here.

Watch Part 1 – Feeling Safe of the webinar series to learn the role of safety in well-being and performance, and why safety can’t exist without trust.