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Watch Webinar On Demand: Four Ways Well-Being Drives Employee Performance: Part 3 – Feeling Loved

Research from Gallup and others has shown that while employees crave acknowledgement and recognition at work, most are not getting it. Beyond that, to be fully engaged in our work requires that we feel cared for and supported by those we work with. Simply put, if we want the best from our employees, they need to feel the love at work.  

“Work is a relationship, and as employees, we have the same expectations that we do in any other valued relationship in our lives.” 

– Jason Lauritsen

Part 3 of this webinar series covers: 

  • Evidence that feeling loved is as important at work as it is in our personal lives 
  • What makes us feel cared for and appreciated at work 
  • Simple strategies for helping employees “feel the love” 


View the presentation deck, here.

Watch Part 2 – Feeling Connected of the webinar series to learn how to more effectively support employees in cultivating connection at work and beyond.