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Watch Webinar On Demand: Four Ways Well-Being Drives Employee Performance: Part 4 – Feeling Whole

In order to bring our whole selves to work, it requires that we feel comfortable with what we have to share. To create an experience of work where people can make their greatest contributions, we must support each individual on their journey to authenticity and self-acceptance. Only when we feel grounded and whole in who we are can we then bring that unique diversity and value to our work.  

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.” 

– Freya Stark by way of Jason Lauritsen 

Part 4 of this webinar series covers: 

  • Why helping employees bring more of their authentic selves to work is important 
  • The power of authenticity to improve well-being and performance 
  • How to support employees in their journey to feeling more whole in work and life 


View the presentation deck, here.

Watch Part 3 – Feeling Loved to learn how feeling loved is as important at work as it is in our personal lives, along with strategies you can use today.