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Watch Webinar on Demand: How Employee Experience has Changed for 2021

The onset of COVID-19 led to unprecedented workplace disruptions in 2020. As organizations prepare for what’s ahead, leaders are finding themselves at a crossroads. The path your organization chooses impacts how it will approach employee care going forward — which path will you choose? 

In this webinar, How Employee Experience Has Changed for 2021, author and employee engagement expert Jason Lauritsen guides you along the path to improving employee care.

It’s time for HR to finally get serious about understanding the principles and process of design.”

Jason Lauritsen 


  • Identifying the disruptions that forever changed the employee experience 
  • Offering best practices for improving your employee experience in 2021 and beyond 


  • Teach and give managers permission to be human 
  • Move your organization to action in addressing issues of equity and inclusion 
  • Invest in mental health education and resources for your managers and employees  


To learn more about improving your employee experience, view the presentation slides or watch the webinar. And if you’re ready for a comprehensive, companywide approach to employee well-being, learn about Limeade Well-Being or get in touch with us today.