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Watch Webinar On-Demand: How to Measure the Impact of a Great Employee Experience

When it comes to measuring the success of your HR programs, we as a society put a lot of emphasis on participation rates. We look for shallow metrics like:

  • How many people completed the survey?
  • What percentage of employees used their volunteer hours?
  • What is the daily average user number for your platform?

But if you want to address the heart of the matter, you need to focus on how your well-being program impacts engagement, retention and the overall employee experience.

“This is a universal challenge that we all face. This is business- and mission-critical to your organization.”

– Lindsay Lagreid, Solution Architect at Limeade

In this webinar with The Conference Board, co-hosted by Dr. Laura Hamill, Chief Science Officer and Chief People Officer at Limeade and Lindsay Lagreid, Solution Architect at Limeade, learn how employee experience has a real and meaningful impact on your organization’s business results. 


  • Past, present and future definitions of “impact”
  • How to help companies understand the best ways to measure and demonstrate the impact of well-being and engagement programs
  • Steps for connecting program results to business metrics


  • Don’t just measure engagement year after year, try associating your results to turnover to show a real impact
  • Look for organizations that have walked this path before you and already proven connections between employee experience and business results to help prove your case
  • You won’t always see positive results from your endeavors and that’s OK — take what worked and continue to finesse what needs to be improved
  • Take action to align with your HR team and help eliminate silos to connect your work to the bigger mission 


View the webinar video recording, here.

Check out the Impact Calculator to take action on turnover and disengagement.