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Watch Webinar On-Demand: Proving the Value of Internal Communications

Effectively communicating to your workforce can be an enormous challenge. 
Many Communications professionals are aiming to take on a more thoughtful approach to communication, with a focus on delivering messages in a simple, compelling and relevant way. And it takes tactics like connecting dots, breaking down silos, asking the right questions, building (and maintaining) relationships as well as supporting company goals to successfully tackle internal communications.

“Care may seem like a soft word, but it’s actual mission critical to the success of an organization.” 

Lindsay Lagreid, Solution Architect at Limeade 

Watch our on-demand webinar where Lindsay Lagreid, Solution Architect at Limeade and Alyssa Hagan, Associate Director of Internal Comms and Engagement at Encompass Health Corp., dive into several key strategies that will help your organization deliver valued communication. 


  • How to build bridges across departments as a strategic partner 
  • How to create a mobile-first communications program that inspires 
  • Strategies for measuring impact and proving value to top leaders 
  • Ideas for delivering corporate messages while giving local teams a voice 
  • Examples of turning everyday actions into engaging activities 


  • When an organization cares, employees are 10 times more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work 
  • You can use data to break down barriers with key partners and establish the desired relationship 
  • Maintaining relationships is just as important as establishing them
  • You have the power to reframe how Internal Communications is perceived