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Watch Webinar on Demand: The Science of the Employee Experience

The Limeade Institute focuses on the science of the employee experience, but in this webinar, you’ll also learn how the employee experience is quite like an art. Specifically, the employee experience can be a lot like music — it evokes emotions, it has an overarching feeling, it can create a beautiful harmony or it can be a disjointed jumble of notes. There’s no time like the present for us to learn truly how important the employee experience is.

Join Laura Hamill, Chief Science Officer at the Limeade Institute, to learn how science and art finally come together in the workplace. We’ll cover how small experiences make a huge impact on your workforce, why the employee experience abounds far beyond the “old-school” employee lifecycle, the crucial part that well-being plays in a successful employee experience at your organization and many more new insights from the Limeade Institute’s latest research.

It’s not about providing resources, more benefits and giving it all. It’s about the emotions being created at your company. Are you focused on the emotions that create a positive employee experience?

Dr. Laura Hamill


  • How to demonstrate care to create a more positive employee experience
  • The ways in which employee experience is much more than employee lifecycle
  • How emotions are critical to employee experience.


To learn more about experience activators, view the presentation slides or watch the webinar.

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