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Watch Webinar on Demand: A Series to Discover Your Blueprint to the Employee Experience

In today’s distributed world of work, HR professionals must do more than ever before to provide an experience that supports and motivates employees. Among the most important tools that can be applied to this work is the design process. While we often think of design as being something used to create products, websites or art, its application is just as critical for the employee experience.

In this three-part webinar series, author and employee engagement expert Jason Lauritsen will give you a crash course in the employee experience (EX) design process. By the end of this series, you’ll discover the power of design, a simple four step design process, and learn how to apply the steps of design to improve EX in your organization.

“If you have design skills in your toolkit, you can design an entirely new and better way to work. You can unleash the power of your people with design.”

Jason Lauritsen

This Webinar Series Covers:

WATCH NOW: Session 1 The What, Why and How of Designing Your EX

In the first webinar of the three-part series, explore design and its application to the work of EX. You’ll learn why design is an effective process to gain a deeper understanding of challenges that empowers you to create truly effective solutions. This will include being introduced to the “double diamond” design process and learn how to apply it in your organization.

To learn more about design and its application to the work of EX, view the presentation slides or watch the webinar.

WATCH NOW: Session 2 Design Starts with Discovery  

While it’s tempting to jump straight to solutions, using the design process reminds us to start from a place of curiosity and discovery to create a foundation of understanding. In this webinar, we’ll explore how to apply the first two steps of design, discover and define, in your work to create an engaging EX.

To learn more about applying the first two steps of design, view the presentation slides or watch the webinar.

WATCH NOW: Session 3  Delivering a Great Experience

Equipped with a good understanding of the problem you are solving and who you are solving it for, it’s time for creativity. In the third and last webinar of the series, you’ll learn about the develop and deliver steps of the design process. This part of the process encourages you to explore a variety of ideas before testing and validating each one to find what is most effective before rolling anything out to your entire workforce.   

To learn more about delivering a great experience, view the presentation slides or watch the webinar.

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