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Watch Webinar on Demand: Spotting and Addressing Employee Burnout

In 2019, a radical change was made to the World Health Organization’s classification of burnout — it was declared a legitimate syndrome. This type of chronic stress has severe consequences for employees such as lower productivity, higher turnover, and detriments to physical and mental health.

In this rare and insightful conversation, you’ll hear from a Limeade employee who gives her first-hand experience in going through and recovering from burnout. Simultaneously, learn how this story directly relates to the latest research from the Limeade Institute about identifying and alleviating burnout in your organization. 

“Call it what it is… so that when we identify what it is, we can overcome it together.”

-Sarah Stevens, Senior Manager, People Team, Limeade


  • A true story from Christine, a Limeade Employee, and her burnout recovery journey
  • How to identify and address burnout in your organization
  • How to recognize burnout in an employee and fostering a well-being mindset


  • Burnout is not a personal issue. It’s an organizational issue and organizations have a responsibility to help employees prevent and alleviate burnout. Preventing workplace burnout can save organizations anywhere from $125-$190 billion per year.
  • Burnout is contagious. Employees were 2x more likely to try to convince a colleague to leave the job with them.
  • Fostering a well-being mindset across the organization can help prevent burnout
  • The first step in addressing burnout is recognizing it — know to look for the physical, emotional and behavioral signs