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Watch Webinar On-Demand: The Science of Care

The demands of the modern workplace have changed. Employers are demanding innovation, millennials are making up more and more of the workforce, organizations are struggling to retain top talent and new technologies and industries are emerging.

“If we are still stuck in the traditional ways of work, we really won’t be able to solve for the workforce of tomorrow.”

– Laura Hamill, Chief People Officer and Chief Science Officer at Limeade

The key to thriving in this environment? Understanding that what’s good for employees, is also good for business. Now more than ever, organizations are starting to think about how to show employees that their company cares.

In this webinar, Laura Hamill, Chief People Officer and Chief Science Officer at Limeade, goes over why showing employees that their organization cares is essential to succeeding in today’s business environment.


  • What care is and why it matters 
  • How organizations can actively show they care
  • The science that supports focusing on care


  • Challenge traditional assumptions about how work has to be
  • Start digging into the many ways your organization can authentically show your employees you care
  • An experience of care will be better for your employees and better for business