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Watch Webinar on Demand: Leading for Well-Being: Compassion as a Core Competency

At the heart of supporting employee well-being is ensuring your people feel cared about as a person — not just for their work output. This isn’t a natural skill for most managers and isn’t something found in most management training programs. To make matters worse, HR has been telling managers and leaders for years not to get too close to their people. 

But recently, it’s been revealed just how important employee well-being is to employee engagement and performance. This demands that we not only better equip our managers to care for employees but also give them permission to do so. This starts with developing compassion. When managers bring compassion to their jobs, they are more naturally compelled to take action to support well-being. 

If we want to get serious about well-being, we have to look as compassion as a competency and a skill set.”

Jason Lauritsen 


  • Why leading for well-being requires compassion 
  • A better understanding of compassion in the workplace and how it’s developed 
  • Examples of how managers can use compassion to foster employee well-being 


To learn more about compassion in the workplace, view the presentation slides or watch the webinar. And if you’re ready for a comprehensive, companywide approach to employee well-being, learn about Limeade Well-Being or get in touch with us today.