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Watch Webinar on Demand: Care During Crisis – COVID-19

These are important moments where our true colors shine through. Your employees will remember this moment.

Henry Albrecht, CEO, Limeade

As the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, tightens its grip throughout the U.S., it’s a crucial time for organizations to show care and support for their employees. The rapid spread of the virus serves as a wake-up call for employers to re-strategize, re-prioritize and take meaningful actions, all on a tight timeline.

With Limeade, every employee knows their company cares. You’ve heard this before, but what does that mean in the wake of a pandemic?

Limeade has worked around the clock, consulting doctors and heeding the advice of subject matter experts to launch new activities that are now available to incorporate into your customer experiences. We encourage you to join us for this webinar where we share best practices to support employees with care during times of crisis.


  • Essential approaches to whole-person self-care including lifestyle behaviors that your company can implement immediately
  • Key tips for managers and company leaders to care for employees and stay connected in tense situations
  • New activities and a live demonstration on how to integrate them into your Limeade experience
  • Real customer examples showing how they’re leading their workforce with a care-first approach


  • Offer support to your employees by having more frequent 1:1s, sending video messages and hosting team challenges that keep employees connected.
  • Integrate and use newly launched well-being activities in your Limeade experience to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and promote whole-person care.
  • In this constantly changing situation, being adaptable and accommodating will do a great deal to protect employee morale and business. Think hour-to-hour changes that are necessary, not day-to-day or week-to-week. 


View the webinar recording, here.