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Watch Webinar On Demand: Activating the Employee Experience

There are many decisions to make when aiming to improve the employee experience at your organization. Everywhere you look you’re flooded with best practices, expert recommendations, new innovative approaches and old-school tried & true methods. It goes without saying that deciding what is right for your approach is a difficult and complicated set of choices. But there is hope.  

New research from the Limeade Institute reveals what the key experience activators are to drive change at your organization. What’s a well-being activator? Limeade data uncovered a few imperative mindset tools employees can strengthen that will most impact building and sustaining a positive employee experience.  

“Experience Activators are powerful mindsets that you have control over.” 

– Lindsay Lagreid, Sr. Advisor, Limeade Institute  

These special activators will expose more about the psychological and mindset qualities that positively contribute to outcomes that matter to people and business. Learn how to take immediate action to strengthen activators in order to be set up for success in 2021.  


  • Learn what an “activator” is  
  • Understand the powerful role they play in a positive employee experience  
  • Walk away with advice on how you can personally strengthen your activators  
  • Take action in your organization to foster strong activators in your employees.   


  • All experience activators impact work and life experiences 
  • Relative impact of activators differs depending on outcome 
  • Culture and organization support relate to levels of activators 
  • Both employee action and company action matters 


To learn more about experience activators, view the presentation slides or watch the webinar. And if you’re ready for a comprehensive, companywide approach to employee well-being, learn about Limeade Well-Being or get in touch with us today.