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Watch Webinar on Demand: Curating the Employee Experience With a Culture That Cares

“Historically, we’ve never thought of our companies as a source of care.”
— Jessi Crast, Researcher, Limeade Institute

As the nature of the modern workplace continues to shift amid a global crisis, companies must be intentional about culture so that employees stay motivated and engaged.

To do so, companies must take a “whole-person” approach to managing the employee experience, which involves integrating existing corporate well-being, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, and other programs to foster an overall sense of feeling cared for among employees. A whole person approach toward work-life balance is critical for harnessing human potential to solve the complex challenges we face today. 

This session in partnership with HR Exchange Network dove into the concept of care, sharing new insights around the elements that matter in curating a healthy company culture and positive employee experience, and offers practical tips on how organizations can enhance their cultures for the future of work with the whole person at the center.


  • Understanding the science of care
  • What cultural attributes matter to employees
  • How caring cultures impact employee experience
  • Practical tips for curating a culture that cares


  • A caring culture is key to a positive employee experience, which in turn drives business results.
  • To feel cared for, employees want to feel supported, well-informed, invested in, trusted, and valued.
  • Leaders are critical collaborators in creating and maintaining a culture of care.


To start building a company culture that cares, view the presentation slides or watch the video below. And when you’re ready to take action to improve employee well-being, engagement and inclusion, learn about the Limeade ONE platform.