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Watch Webinar on Demand: Employee Experience Learnings From a Really Difficult Year

“Employees have expectations that company leadership will acknowledge and address what is going on in the world.”
— Laura Hamill, Chief People Officer and Chief Science Officer, Limeade

In 2020, employees struggled with burnout, depression, loneliness, fear of COVID-19, fear of discrimination, and fear of having to choose between family and career. And in an era of mistrust, they looked to their companies for support. Some got it. Some didn’t. This is employee experience (EX). How their company supported them, communicated with them and cared for them will have a lasting impact.  

To bring an experience rooted in care to life, organizations need to focus on the whole person — the integration of holistic well-being, sense of inclusion and culture at work. In this webinar, Dr. Laura Hamill looks back at how technology was used to show care to employees in times of trouble, what we learned and how we can apply it to the future.


  • Understand the difference between moments in the employee life cycle and the other critical moments that matter
  • Unpack the critical moments of the employee experience in 2020 and hear predictions for 2021
  • Hear why well-being is an increasingly critical part of EX — and what you can do about it
  • Get best practices for communicating with employees in challenging times
  • Leave with tangible strategies for shaping a positive employee experience in 2021


  • EX is about every interaction (big and small) and how employees feel every day
  • A caring EX starts with well-being, inclusion and engagement
  • 2020 was challenging — use it as a springboard for transformation


For more employee experience lessons learned from 2020, view the presentation slides or watch the webinar. And if you’re ready to create a new EX strategy for your company, check out the Limeade ONE platform or get in touch with us today.