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Webinar: How to Deliver an EX Rooted in Care

The science of care translates into better customer experience. The science may be new, but we’ve known this for decades.”  

David Johnson, Principal Analyst, Forrester 

Forrester employee experience research shows that listening through surveys can inform smarter people and business strategies. This webinar asked what’s the use in asking more of your people when they are burned out, lack purpose and mistrust their employer? 

According to Forrester, an employee experience rooted in well-being enables people to deliver their best performance, and businesses to thrive. In this webinar, our guest speaker, David Johnson, principal analyst at Forrester, shared psychological and organizational behavior research and insights from the field to guide HR leaders in delivering a winning employee experience, understand the role of well-being and selecting technology that enables it. 


  • Well-being and high engagement are conclusively linked  
  • Well-being in hybrid work requires a fresh approach 
  • Your environment should build both personal and organizational resources for employees 


To learn more about delivering an employee experience rooted in care, view the presentation slides from the webinar.