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Watch Webinar on Demand: Inclusion Confusion

On the surface, workplace inclusion might appear basic, but by peeking just below the surface, you’ll find that inclusion is a complicated, robust and even confusing concept. This webinar uncovers the habit model that can be adopted organization-wide, empowering any employee to drive inclusion. From understanding your role in inclusion, to how your peers play a crucial role, you’ll come out with a better understanding of why inclusion is important in today’s business. 

“Inclusion is not something you put on your website, it is relational, and we all play a role in moving the needle on inclusion.”

Reetu Sandhu, Sr. Manager, Research, Limeade

In this webinar, three panelists, experts in the space of diversity and inclusion, will explain why inclusion is good for people and business, the influence of power-sharing, and the unique role of white males and other majority groups in this conversation. Have a better grasp on the power dynamics within your organization, including implicit power, and take away ideas and tools relating to your own role in creating an inclusive environment.


  • Definition of inclusion you’ve never heard before
  • Research on white male allies and their role in driving inclusion
  • A habit framework to drive inclusion across organizational levels


  • Inclusion is a sense of uniqueness & belonging
  • Inclusion is good for people, and good for business
  • Everyone plays a role in driving inclusion
  • In order to include others, we must understand power dynamics, including implicit power
  • This is a journey — understand your own stage and start from there!