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Watch Webinar on Demand: How to Deliver a More Human Employee Experience

“We need to think of EX as being created with employees, not something that is done to our employees.”
— Lindsay Lagreid, Sr. Advisor, Limeade Institute

As the world collectively continues to combat the pandemic and the effects it has on our lives, employees and organizations are preparing for what’s next. And as no two organizations are the same, COVID-19 continues to affect companies in unique and challenging ways.

However, one thing that all organizations can agree with: The goal is not to return to pre-pandemic operations, it’s to look ahead and create a new way of working that bolsters organizations for the future and creates an environment where employees can truly thrive. The pandemic gives us the chance to be more intentional about many components of the employee experience to show care.

The Limeade Institute has taken a deep look into the realities of care in the workplace and identified key problems and how to overcome them. In this session, Lindsay Lagreid, Sr. Advisor of the Limeade Institute, will discuss the importance of care and will arm leaders with the tools to take a more humanistic approach to work.


  • The science of care and why it matters for the future of work
  • How care can drive tangible business results
  • What supporting a whole-person, humanistic approach looks like
  • Practical tips for creating a caring employee experience


  • Challenge the traditional assumption of work
  • Care matters
  • You can demonstrate Care in many ways


To start creating a more caring employee experience, view the presentation slides or watch the video below. And when your organization is ready to elevate the employee experience, learn about the Limeade ONE platform.