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Watch Webinar on Demand: Real Talk — The 6 Myths & Truths of Organizational Resilience

“Definitions of resilience may look different from company to company, but having a science-based view is important.”
Henry Albrecht, Founder and CEO, Limeade

Limeade Founder and CEO Henry Albrecht and Jan Bruce, CEO and Co-Founder of meQuilibrium, recently teamed up to talk plainly about organizational resilience from the frontline employee to the executive suite. 

You’ve probably heard people say that resilience is a muscle that you can build and improve. But what if you’re responsible for growing that muscle on behalf of an entire organization? Where to begin? To help navigate this critical practice and help you from falling into 6 common misbeliefs, watch this candid and refreshing conversation.


  • The way in which we need to change behavioral and mental health models for a better future
  • How to develop skills as an individual that will help you support your organization
  • 6 myth-busting facts that will change your perspective on resilience


  • Resilience is not only an inborn trait. It is a muscle that can be strengthened.
  • In the world of virtual work, managers are playing the role of HR.
  • Employees that feel cared for by their company are 9x more likely to stay at their company for three years or more.


To learn more about organizational resilience, view the presentation slides or watch the webinar. And when you’re ready for a companywide solution, check out the Limeade ONE platform or get in touch with us today.