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Watch Webinar on Demand: Shaping the Employee Experience

“The information you communicate to your employees has to be relevant. It’s one thing to communicate but being relevant will make sure that messages land.”
Larry Colagiovanni, VP, Research & Development, Limeade

Every experience we have, whether it’s going to a restaurant or spending a day at work, is made up of a series of moments that together shape how we feel about the experience. The moments can range from walking into the building, meeting a coworker in the hallway or participating in a performance review. Each moment can have a positive, neutral or negative impact. 

But not all moments are created equal. For years, progressive organizations have designed experiences for their employees because they recognize those experiences can mean the difference between success and failure for their organization. Now it’s time that your organization joins those leading the way by putting employees first.


  • How to approach employee experience, or EX, so that it positively affects every interaction and every employee
  • How to truly differentiate as an organization and put Care into action
  • The importance of whole-person well-being and its relation to the employee experience


  • EX begins with the whole person: their well-being, sense of engagement and inclusion
  • EX is more than solving for the major moments — pay attention to every interaction
  • Tackle it from all angles and every department — it’s not an HR thing
  • Care matters to transform (not transact) EX


To start shaping the employee experience at your organization, view the presentation slides or watch the video below. And when you’re ready to take EX to the next level, learn about the Limeade ONE platform.