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Watch Webinar on Demand: So You Want to be Supportive in a Crisis

A recent Gartner poll shows that 88% of organizations in the U.S. have encouraged or required employees to work remotely due to coronavirus. That means millions of employees were forced to change the way they live and work almost overnight, and employers were faced with new and challenging ways to support and manage their workforces. Long time partners, Fitbit Health Solutions and Limeade come together to discuss the ways in which our companies are supporting both individuals and organizations through this unprecedented time.

“We’re rethinking the status quo of work. Organizations need to have a single and reliable tool to communicate with every single employee. That’s a non-negotiable.”

Lindsay Lagreid, Sr. Advisor, Limeade Institute

Hear from Taylor Helgren, Fitbit Health Solutions’ VP of Product and Strategy, and Lindsay Lagreid, Sr. Advisor, Limeade Institute, as they delve into how Fitbit and Limeade are helping people stay well at home.


  • Culture as it relates to our new working environment
  • Insights on the changing demands of our users
  • Tips for safely and confidently returning to the workplace


  • Workforces need to be empowered to make more informed and smart health decisions
  • Fitbit data shows that the country’s quarantine has improved the physical health of many Americans
  • Organizations have an opportunity to build trust, resiliency and positivity during this crisis