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Weight management support is essential for your wellness program

This June, the CDC released a new report with sobering statistics. Despite a decades-long effort to encourage Americans to slim down, 38 percent of adults are still obese.

In an age when there’s a new diet fad every month, how do you support employees in living a healthier life?

We think you need to take a whole person approach to well-being. Helping employees slim down isn’t about a one month diet. It’s about giving employees weight management tools that work within their daily life to create long-term behavior change. This long-term change will ultimately lead to a more productive workforce.

To help make this happen, we’re excited to launch a new partnership with Weight Watchers, a company that also embraces a whole person approach to employee well-being.

Weight Watchers Overview

Weight Watchers delivers a science-based, evidence-proven approach rooted in community engagement. The new Beyond the Scale program takes a holistic approach to a healthier life that reflects the evolving needs, mindsets and science around weight management.

Through Weight Watchers Health Solutions, employers can offer employees a trusted weight management program that encourages them to adopt healthier lifestyles. Weight Watchers offers members a simple, personalized and impactful program with a full suite of digital tools, including 24/7 Expert Chat, access to Community, a social media platform called Connect, and thousands of recipes. The Weight Watchers program also meets the definition of intensive behavioral counseling as described in the latest recommendation from the United States Preventive Health Services Task Force (USPSTF).

What Our Partnership Looks Like

weight watchers overview - Weight management support is essential for your wellness programLimeade customers who offer Weight Watchers can now integrate the world’s largest proven weight management program into their overall wellness program to promote and reward healthy habits.

To support employees with their weight management goals, Limeade developed a streamlined Weight Watchers signup experience, tailored communications and three relevant activity challenges. The Weight Watchers challenges reward people for enrolling, attending in-person meetings and participating in Weight Watchers OnlinePlus activities. Through OnlinePlus, employees will see activity options, be able to track progress and automatically earn points when they complete challenge requirements.


With Weight Watchers, we give employees easy access to a proven weight management experience that rewards them along the way. The goal is higher participation and, ultimately, better outcomes for everyone.

Learn more in our one-pager.

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