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What a year…Our 2015 recap

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of another year. It’s a natural time to reflect on Limeade progress, celebrate success and look for ways to improve. I’m certainly proud of our many achievements, like being voted the #1 Best Workplace in Washington and Top 25 Best Companies (in the U.S.) for Women — but I know we’re far from perfect. We experienced our fair share of growing pains along with wins in 2015.

We’re making a difference

We’re taking on a big mission, and we can’t lose sight of it. Thousands of users share their personal milestones and success with Limeade. Every day we learn more from our customers and partners — and what’s actually happening with their programs. These business insights help us pull the levers that drive more improvements in health, well-being and performance. And these stories keep LimeMates humble and focused on measurably improving well-being in the world. Check out a few of our favorite Limeade success stories

We’re welcoming more customers

The corporate wellness market is growing, with more and more great companies focused on the “whole employee.” We’re ready for them. This year, we welcomed dozens of new customers and now serve over 1.5 million people. We even held not one but two amazing Limeade Advisory Board (LAB) events this year.

We’re evolving our solution

In addition to hundreds of product enhancements, we announced significant milestones:

  • We completed our first acquisition keep your eyes peeled for new product(s) in 2016.
  • We built a highly personalized experience for our users with the launch of advanced targeting capabilities.
  • We supercharged our data capabilities by expanding our business insights team. We also launched self-service Limeade insights dashboards to put actionable health, well-being and business performance metrics at our customers’ fingertips.
  • Our iOS app is in the iTunes Store and is a simple way for users to improve, no matter where they are. It’s a great example of how we design everything mobile-first.

LMD 15015 mobile mockups 3 - What a year...Our 2015 recap

We’re growing

We moved our global headquarters into bright offices across town and welcomed about 100 new LimeMates, including several game-changing leaders:

  • Dr. Laura Hamill joined us full-time as our chief people officer. She’s been a great thought leader for Limeade for almost a decade, and is architecting our POV and playbook on culture and organizational support for well-being.
  • Suzy Obst, our VP of partnerships, expanded our relationship with our partner ADURO, and she’s actively expanding our partner network.
  • Steven Parker joined as our VP of customer success — an HR technology leader eager to create competitive advantages for all of our customers.
  • Heather Niemi was promoted to VP of customer operations to oversee the shared services team and ensure that we’re continuing to delight our customers.

We’re evolving

Going from a high-growth company to a nationally recognized market leader has not been easy. Instead of doing more of what we’ve done, we paused, reflected and took the opportunity to reshape how we do things. We became more agile in our product processes. We tackled an all-hands-on-deck project we called ScaleNow, which helped us improve processes in nearly 30 ways to serve customers better. This groundbreaking project also increased reliability, minimized waste and ultimately simplified experiences for both our LimeMates and our customers.

It’s been quite a year, and it’s a great time for gratitude. We’ve made a few mistakes, we’ve made massive progress, and we’re just getting started…