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What care can do for your company’s employee experience

Caring for employees is good for culture and for business. At Limeade, we believe that a great employee experience requires care — and the numbers prove it.

Why focus on care? 99% of employees with high well-being and organizational support recommend their company as a great place to work and 91% are less likely to leave their company. We also know that when an employee feels their employer cares about their well-being, they’re 38% more engaged.

Care is essential. It’s also a science.

We built that science into Limeade ONE — the platform that integrates well-being, engagement, inclusion and communication solutions to create one seamless user experience. Ready to see what care can do for your company?

Get scientific with employee experience. Explore the elements of care in Limeade ONE:

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Want to learn more about what care is and why it matters? Watch our webinar on-demand: The Science of Care.