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What is a changemaker?

Changemaker — a manifesto 

You’re not only an HR practitioner. You’re a Changemaker.

Changemakers are bold and brave. They’re relentlessly optimistic and care deeply. They see a problem and take action. Changemakers believe anything is possible.

Change management is hard. But you can be the change agent and we can help. You have the power (and tools) to transform the workplace. Make a difference: Reinvent culture, reinvigorate how work gets done and give everyone a voice.

Calling all Changemakers:

This is a team sport and it starts with you. Commit to pushing yourself and the status quo. Wake up with the belief you can change the lives around you. It’s time to unleash the hero inside and be the voice your employees need.

At Limeade we want to measurably improve well-being in the world  — and we can’t do it without Changemakers.

What will your legacy be? Will you change the game?

If you’re ready to unlock your inner changemaker, check out our landing page and follow along on social at #LimeadeChangemakers.