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What is well-being?

At Limeade, we define well-being as feeling good and living with purpose. It’s a subjective concept — our perceptions of other people’s life circumstances don’t determine how they actually feel. Only you can say if your well-being is high or low.

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This definition is rooted in positive psychology — a movement that focuses on what’s right with people rather than what’s wrong with them.

Researchers map well-being to two philosophical approaches — hedonia (“feeling good”) and eudaimonia (“living with purpose”). Hedonia is feeling healthy and happy, and eudaimonia is all about intentionally (and actively) thriving.

People are complex systems — and what happens in one area of someone’s life impacts all other areas. That’s why employers need to pay attention. The best companies authentically invest in the well-being of their people. When employees feel their organization cares, they have higher well-being and are more engaged, which leads to better business results.


Let’s say an employee frequently disagrees with her manager. Her frustration has gotten bad enough that she wants to look for another job, but she worries about the financial instability a career change could create for her family. Over time, she starts dreading going to work. She gets intense headaches and stops sleeping well.

This story illustrates the many factors at play. She could treat her headaches, but she’ll likely only find temporary relief until she addresses the root causes.

If you want to improve your well-being, you must understand all the underlying well-being factors to learn how they connect and truly improve. This can be quite personal — and varies from person to person.   

The challenge is huge, but the evidence continues to demonstrate the importance of whole person well-being.  

In fact, our research shows 88 percent of employees with high well-being said they feel engaged at work. Only 50 percent of those with low well-being do.Copy of What is well being  300x150 - What is well-being?

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