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What You Missed at Limeade Engage 2019

On April 24 and 25 at The Hotel Van Zandt in Austin, TX, HR leaders and industry changemakers came together at Limeade Engage for inspiration, case studies, best practices, tools and creative ideas to realize what can be when employee experience and engagement are at the center of a company’s business strategy.

At Limeade, we believe every employee should know their company cares. And in order for that to happen, leaders must be armed with the tools needed to create an employee experience that unlocks potential, increases engagement and innovation and drives business results.

Limeade Engage Highlights

From inspiring keynote speakers (including a grand piano performance) and heart-wrenching, emotional stories of perseverance, positivity and gratitude, to a deep dive into Limeade solutions, partner integrations and interactive discussions, the two-day event was packed full of actionable insights and key takeaways for industry professionals.

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Limeade Engage kicked off the festivities with a welcome reception on Rainey Street. A time to kick back, settle in and network with LimeMates and other attendees.

To start the conference off on the right note, Shabnam Mogharabi, Co-Founder and GM at SoulPancake, took the main stage on day one to share her message of the power of joy. She left attendees with tears in their eyes and a sense of empowerment to not only practice gratitude, but to be authentic, create deep, meaningful connections and have courage to shift perspectives even if it's toward the unknown.

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Following the opening keynote, we heard from Dr. Laura Hamill, Chief People Officer and Chief Science Officer at Limeade on the science of care. Digging into the topic of care and how it relates to the employee experience, Laura shared her insights on building trust, positive intent and examples of the authentic ways that we can show an organization cares about its employees. Her science-backed findings and thoughtful representation of the "Limeade Care Stairs" left attendees ready to take action at their organization.

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Next, fashion expert and television personality, Tim Gunn, took the main stage for a fireside chat with Limeade CEO, Henry Albrecht. Through an informal discussion, Gunn shared his advice for how to "Make it Work" in both your work and your life. Stories from his time on Project Runway to shaping the future of brands through inclusivity and vulnerability, Gunn's core message on being true to who you are left an influential imprint on Limeade Engage attendees.

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Other day one events included a Changemaker Showcase of four companies leading the way in their respective industries. Speakers from Montana University System, Brunswick, Michelin North America and Enterprise Holdings shared authentic stories of both success and missteps along their own organization's employee experience journey.

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Day one wrapped up with a product keynote from our very own VP of Product, Daniel Kraft, who shared the future of Limeade technology. Attendees then made their way into the Limeade 360 Employee Experience to take a look at Limeade solutions in action. Integrations with our partners were featured on giant iPhones and paired with a specific user journey.

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If all this wasn't enough, the celebration continued offsite for the Limelight Awards ceremony. Headshots mixed with surprise caricature photos, a family style meal, live band and awards presentation brought attendees and LimeMates together for a night of festivities. Congrats to all of the Limelight Awards winners!

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Day two of Limeade Engage began with a burst of energy — keynote speaker and SVP of Organizational Culture & Employee Engagement at MGM Resorts International, Ondra L. Berry, ignited attendees with the challenge to realize their hidden potential. His practice of AYOBA — spirit of awesomeness — reminded attendees that they're here to do something phenomenal and that potential must be exercised in order to be fulfilled. With an enlightening, interactive game and passionate message of courage, Berry provided attendees with the strategies needed to enhance their company culture.

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In the afternoon, attendees joined individual breakout sessions offering a deeper look into topics like inclusion, communications, measuring impact and more. Breakout sessions were followed by networking over lunch led by Limeade VP of Customer Success, Lauren Chucko.

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Before Henry gave his closing thoughts, author and inspirational speaker, John O'Leary, took the stage as our final Limeade Engage keynote speaker. He moved the audience to tears with his emotional story of survival and the importance of slowing down to connect, collaborate and listen. His message of love and care for others radiated throughout the room and left attendees ready to tackle the impossible — with a final note played on a grand piano on stage.

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Thank you to everyone who attended Limeade Engage 2019 in Austin, TX!

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