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What’s Limeade Engage 2018 all about?

Let’s face it, there’s a huge challenge when it comes to engagement in the workplace.

In fact, 70 percent of U.S. Workers aren’t engaged in their work. Gallup research indicates actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. upward of $550 billion per year. And companies spend an average of $400 per employee per year just measuring employee engagement without moving the needle.

Traditionally, HR has been about benefits design and cost control without addressing the root of many people and business problems — the lack of employee engagement. This has kept the deepest and richest topics at a superficial level. And it’s kept HR from assuming your — our — position as the most pivotal role in the C-Suite.

Are you ready to make a difference? 

Measuring engagement isn’t enough. It’s time to make a real impact. It’s time to take action. You have the power (and tools) to transform your workplace culture.

Changemaking is hard. But you can be the change agent and we can help. We are all changemakers. 

Join us at Limeade Engage 2018 in Savannah, GA on April 18-19th to connect with a community of business leaders, innovators, and other HR experts to elevate culture and improve well-being in the world.

At Limeade Engage 2018, you’ll discover that real employee engagement is totally possible.  

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