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Why is May 21st so key to employee well-being?

That’s right, we’re looking at you, third Wednesday in May.

And we’re looking at YOU, Company Concerned About Employee Well-Being.

May 21st is National Employee Health and Fitness Day – and it’s dedicated to promoting physical activity in the workplace.

Why You Should Care

Let’s start with a few not-so-cool facts:

  • 36 percent of Americans say they get NO physical activity during the winter

  • Lack of physical activity is linked to increased risk of heart disease, anxiety, depression and certain cancers

  • And the whopper: Physical inactivity costs the U.S. ~$75 billion in medical costs each year

And what happens when employees get moving?

  • Increased productivity, well-being, physical fitness and stamina

  • Reduced absenteeism, sickness and stress

Sold? Then get on the May 21st bandwagon with some of our favorite ways to get employees on the move and in the groove – it’s not too late to plan an event! Remember – no matter what you do, reward participants with incentives like cash, gift cards, wellness program points, even paid time off.

5 Ways You Can Celebrate National Employee Health and Fitness Day

  1. Bike to Work Day. Challenge employees to trade four wheels for two on May 21st. Build excitement and motivation with T-shirts for participants, a casual dress code for the day and even a healthy, hearty breakfast – either at a nearby restaurant or in the office.

  2. 9 – 5 Fitness Fest. Hire local fitness instructors to teach classes throughout the workday, giving employees a chance to break away from their desks. Aim for a mix of activities, like strength training, Zumba, yoga and good old-fashioned aerobics.

  1. Elevator Eliminator. Shut down the elevators for the day and get people bustling up those stairs! To add a competitive element, ask people to wear a Fitbit or other activity tracker and report their steps at the end of the day.

  2. CEO “Walk the Walk.” Invite employees to join your fearless leader for a lunchtime walk, either around the campus or on a nearby path or trail.

  3. Field Day. If you’ve got the space and/or facilities, organize a softball, volleyball, soccer or kickball tournament. Even better: let everyone off the clock for the afternoon so they can join the fun.