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Why it’s OK to be selfish at work

Being selfish has a bad reputation. The word selfish is usually associated with lack of consideration for others, self-absorption and only caring about one’s own personal profit or success.

But that’s only one type of selfish. There’s a whole other side of the word that we need to address. It’s the side of loving and caring about yourself, knowing your boundaries and self-worth.

Let’s talk about the good kind of selfish.

We get it, it’s hard to be selfish. You have to say no, be honest with others and set boundaries that might make people mad — but don’t let that stop you. Being selfish is one of the best things you can do for yourself AND your team.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be more selfish at work:

1. Your health

Are you eating lunch at your desk, or running from meeting to meeting with no time for a bathroom break — let alone mental breaks? Carve out time in your day to go on a walk, eat lunch with a co-worker outside (and chat about life, not work) or even go into an empty conference room for a quick meditation. All of these “selfish” acts will allow you to de-stress. It’s good for your mental, physical and emotional health.

2. Your personal growth

Have your eye on a specific training? Have you always wanted to take a new class? Do it! Take time for personal development to benefit your personal and professional growth. It will not only allow you to challenge yourself in new ways, but you can put your knowledge into practice and apply it to your daily work.

3. Your team

Your actions set the pace for your entire team. If you always work after hours and answer emails late into the night, your team will feel obligated to do the same. Instead, set boundaries around work hours to ensure you and your team have time dedicated to family and hobbies. Show your team that you value both their time at work and in their personal lives.

4. Your happiness

This is the biggest reason to be selfish! If you’re happy, it’ll radiate throughout your work and your team. Take time to develop self-care routines, know your limits on work commitments and put yourself first. This will allow you to have balance and happiness in your life.

So go ahead, be selfish! And see the positive effect it will have on everyone around you.