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Why the Limeade Product Team is excited about 2018

This post is written by VP of Product and Marketing, Lee Rossini

I joined Limeade about nine months ago to change my career and be a part of a team focused on helping others. I wanted a job where I could use technology to have a positive impact on people’s lives

I’m passionate about the problem we’re trying to solve…

There’s a well-being epidemic going on. People are unhealthy and stressed. Anxiety, obesity and absenteeism are at all-time highs. And it’s negatively impacting their performance at work and in life. Employee engagement hasn’t improved meaningfully in 16 years — and two-thirds of employees say they aren’t engaged at work. Nine months ago, I was one of these employees. Stressed, unhealthy and disengaged from my purpose.

At Limeade, I’m passionate about finding solutions to help to drive real employee engagement.

What is employee engagement?

We define employee engagement as a deep connection and sense of purpose at work that creates extra energy and commitment.

Some describe engagement as being “in the flow” — when you get so caught up in what you’re doing that you lose track of time. You’re challenged, but not overwhelmed. You’re busy, but you’re having fun.

I believe every employee has the ability to be truly engaged in their work.

What I’m most excited about for 2018… 

1. Manager support

HR leaders are trying to find the secret sauce for employee engagement. Guess what? Our research shows managers are the single most important driver of how supported your people feel. So why don’t we have the right tools to bring it all together?

I have a soft spot for managers — and I want to help set them up for success. Historically, managers haven’t received the proper training they need to support their employees. We’re going to help solve this problem next year.

2. Technology that’s personal

From work to family, finances to health, we all have a lot on our plate. This includes things that bring people joy and fulfillment, as well as stress and anxiety. I joined Limeade to be a part of a company that was using technology to deliver meaningful assistance to people — to help reduce stress and anxiety, and increase engagement and well-being.

In 2018, Limeade will deliver product solutions that use machine learning to personalize the experience and make recommendations so it’s easy for the end user to use and see their improvements.

3. Blazing trails in the employee engagement space

Before I started at Limeade, we were boxed into the wellness space, and people were quick to treat us merely as a wellness vendor. I’ll be honest, it was frustrating because we were onto something so much bigger — employee engagement. Well-being will always be the lens we look through, but the employee engagement space is where we belong.

Strategically, we’re on the right path and we’re solving a real problem. We have a very focused product vision for 2018. We know what’s needed, how to get there and what we need to provide.

Communication is key, and we’re taking a collaborative approach. Everyone’s input matters. If you want to weigh in, join us next year at Limeade Engage 2018 to learn, discover, and connect with a community of changemakers and industry leaders.