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Why ‘National High 5 Day’ is more important than you think

April 16th is National High 5 Day – and this day is more important than you think! While it may seem like just a lighthearted gesture, the act of high-fiving may be the most simple way you can increase employee engagement. When employees feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work, companies see improved moral, retention and motivation. 

So use April 16th as more than just a day of high-fiving, use it as a day to recognize and appreciate employees. To help you do just that, we’re sharing our favorite ways to play up on the power of praise. 

8 no-cost ways to recognize employees


1. High 5 Fridays: A Limeade favorite – give five different co-workers a high 5 every Friday.

2. Drop a note: Leave a note on a co-workers desk. It doesn’t have to be fancy, a simple Post-it note will do!

image 225x300 - Why 'National High 5 Day' is more important than you think3. Employee of the month: Hold a monthly office poll to vote on an employee who went above and beyond that month. At Limeade, we call this the “Make Others Great” award – and the winner every month gets the BIG shoe to put on their desk!  

4. 2 hour lunch: The name says it all – recognize a standout employee by giving them an extra hour at lunch.

5. Kudos jar: Popular in the Limeade marketing team, fill up a jar with small gifts (such as a $5 gift card to a popular lunch spot, lip balm, chocolate, etc.) At the beginning of your weekly meetings, give kudos to a standout employee and let them pick a prize.

IMG 8665 225x300 - Why 'National High 5 Day' is more important than you think6. 30-minute slack: Honor an employee by allowing them to arrive 30-minutes late or leave 30-minutes early.

7. Cheers for peers: Send out an optional weekly survey (we love TinyPulse) in which employees can take time to celebrate and recognize each other.

8. Welcome fury friends: What better way to celebrate an employee than letting your employees bring their dogs to work!