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Why PINK Donuts?

On May 5, 2009, we launched our Donut-Back Guarantee.  Why?

On the plane back from Chicago, I finished ‘A Whole New Mind’ by Daniel Pink.  It’s one of those bestseller biz books you read for a mental sugar rush.  But this offered me a bit more sustenance because it is, as I described it to a friend, “very Limeade.”

It’s about the limits of reductive and deductive thought, and about the benefits of holistic or “whole mind” thinking.  It’s about the innovation, health and motivation that ensue when left and right lobes are firing together.  It is about the plasticity of our minds and our lives.

It covers mindfulness, altruism, flow, self-efficacy and meaning in life — and how (whether you see them as touchy feely or not) they unlock our potential at work, at home and in living a healthy and happy life.  It is about how playfulness, design, and a sense of story will catalyze the next explosions of productivity and profit in business.

I was excited and lost in thought.  In a flash of inspiration, fueled by the memory of 901 Simpsons episodes, 753 sales meetings, 93 articles about Type 2 Diabetes, and a diet Jones Cola, it came to me.

It came to me like Mr. McGuire’s speech to the Graduate in the film of the same name:

“Just one word.”

“Yes sir.”

“Are you listening?”

“Yes I am.”


Today, it’s not about plastics.  It’s about donuts; and on our home page we picked a donut color that honors both right- and left-brain gurus, Homer Simpson and Daniel (you guessed it) Pink.