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E-Book: Why work-life balance is dead

There's something better than work-life balance.

Work-life balance implies a zero-sum game that says we can't have it all. Integration lets us coordinate, blend and bring elements of work and life into a unified whole.

The result: a more engaged, healthier and happier workforce.

Summer Reading Club

This summer, we partnered with author and TED speaker Tracy Brower, Ph.D., to launch an interactive Summer Reading Club on the future of work-life integration using her book Bring Work to Life as a guide. We kicked-off the club with a webinar, and every Friday have been emailing discussion questions to guide members through the book.

We know this might be overwhelming. So we created a Cliffs Note version just for you – a 14-page crash course of everything you need to know about integrating work and life, with real-life examples, insights and tips.

Download our FREE e-book to learn:

  • Why work-life balance is dead and why work-life integration is effective
  • How to support employees navigate work-life demands
  • The ROI of work-life integration
  • How to handle top five difficult situations of work and life

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